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BFAWU Annual Conference 2014

The 2014 Annual Conference of the Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union will this year take place in Southport from the 8th to the 12th of June. For anyone wishing to attend as a visitor, accomodation can be arranged through the Southport Conferences by clicking here.

Our deepest condolences to the family of Tony Benn

This has been a tragic week for the labour movement with the loss of a giant from the Trade Union movement.

We now mourn the death of the most inspiring politician of his generation. A highly principled man who fought tirelessly for peace, justice and equality. A great friend of the Trade Union movement. A campaigner who fought tirelessly against racism and fascism. A conviction politician who spoke up for working class people. A socialist that knew there was an alternative to a life that means we have to accept poverty unemployment and the destruction of the NHS. Tony Benn was a beacon of hope for a better society and we must make sure that his life is remembered by securing the future he dedicated his life to achieve.

Fast Food Rights Day of Action

On the 29th of March, the BFAWU, in conjunction with , Unite the Resistance, John McDonell MP, Youth Fight For Jobs, NSSN, and other like-minded organisations, have instigated a day of action to raise the issue of justice for those working in the fast food industry. The aim is to end the exploitation of workers and the use of Zero Hour contracts, and to improve the pay of those working in this hugely profitable industry. We would encourage as many as possible to participate.

For more details, click here to go to the related news story on our website; email fastfoodrights@mail.com; ; or on the web at fastfoodrights.wordpress.com where there are links to Twitter and our Facebook page









Statement From FACK (Families Against Corporate Killers) On Health And Safety Deregulation

Reports From Fast-Food Rights and Anti-Zero Hours Contracts Day of Action

Show Solidarity With Teachers! - Public Meeting In Birmingham 19th March

Why Did The BFAWU Oppose Miliband's 'Reform'?

Celebrate The 30th Anniversary Of The Great Miners' Strike On June 14th


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