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Our Union is the only independent Trade Union operating within the food industry and we’ve been representing working people since 1847. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved over the years and we continue to lead the way in terms of fighting for a better deal for our members.
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Ronnie Draper (General Secretary)

Ian Hodson (National President)

If you have a problem at work, our representatives are here to help. We campaign for improved terms and conditions. We also offer legal support; advice on education and training; and much more.

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Fast Food Right

Low pay, inconsistent shifts and bad management are too widespread in the food industry and allied trades. In alliance with the inspiring and successful food worker campaigns in the U.S., we are calling for a £10 an hour minimum wage. Join our TUC backed campaign here.


Campaigning is better together! Join BFAWU talk to our other members about current campaigns, upcoming projects and how to get involved in your workplace. Please also check to see upcoming events both in your area and nationally.

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Fight The Tory Trade Union Bill, Or Face The Pariah State!

On Monday, September 14th,  the government’s anti-Trade Union Bill will get its second reading. The timing of this is not accidental, as it just happens to coincide with the TUC’s Annual Conference. The Tories have also given short notice of this reading in a blatant attempt to curtail any major... Read more

Take Part In Our Learning Survey!

The BFAWU's Learning Services have designed a survey in order to better understand the possible learning needs of those working in the food industry. The outcomes/results of the survey will allow the Learning Services to plan effectively for the future in terms of organising courses, more relevant and hopefully tailored... Read more