Leicester MPs Back BFAWU In Samworth Brothers Dispute!

Leicester MPs, Jon Ashworth and Liz Kendall have backed the BFAWU and demanded answers in relation to the treatment of Union members at Samworth Brothers. Jon Ashworth's press release is below:


Member of Parliament for Leicester South

14 June 2016


Jon Ashworth, Labour MP for Leicester South, calls on Samworth Brothers to reinstate a Trade Union activist

Jon said:

“My Party had concerns over the introduction of the so called National Living Wage as it is not a true ‘living wage’. But I was astounded to learn from the Bakers Union, BFAWU, that Samworth Brothers are making their own workers pay for the National Living Wage.

“The Leicestershire-based food giant, Samworth Brothers, have used the introduction of the National Living Wage to cut back on their staff’s paid breaks and stopped the unsociable hours’ premium rates and overtime.”

“The changes to staff’s working conditions resulted in a hundreds joining the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union.”

“It is disgraceful that one of the leading Union organisers who has spoken out against the pay restructuring was sacked earlier this month. Kumaran Bose was sacked after working for Samworth Brothers for 12 years. Kumaran Bose was sacked with no disciplinary record at Samworth Brothers. In fact, it appears that Kumaran’s only so called crime was to recruit workers at Samworth Brothers to the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union”

“I have written to Samworth Brothers to raise my concerns over the sacking of Kumaran Bose and to request that BFAWU is granted formal recognition at the site. I encourage all the workers to join BAFWU and to stand up for a fair and decent pay.”

“I have also asked The Chancellor and the Business Secretary if they have recently met Mark Samworth and whether he attended events requiring very large donations to the Tory Party. I was told that the lists of who The Chancellor and the Business Secretary have met will be released in due course.”



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Office of Jon Ashworth MP

Liz Kendall has met with BFAWU members, as well as management at Samworth Brothers and has also written to the company. Her letter can be found here

The BFAWU and it's members at Samworth Brothers would like to thank both Jon and Liz for their help and support.