Hovis Belfast Strike Suspended!

Following further negotiations with Hovis LTD management on 22/01/2020, the planned strike action of our members has been suspended for a seven day period in order to enable us to ballot on a significantly increased offer.

Should this offer be rejected, the members will be called upon to commence action on Friday 31st January 2020 at 12.01am.

The new offer is for a 1 year deal at 4% across all rates of pay.

In Solidarity

Laura Graham
Regional Officer

BFAWU Members to Strike at Hovis Belfast!

Following pay talks with Hovis LTD, members of the Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union voted overwhelmingly in support of all out strike action, due to commence at 12.01am on Friday 24th January 2020.

Over a series of meetings the company have failed to meet the demands of our members and tabled percentage offer’s that fall short of workers expectations. Within this site, like many others, workers are on consolidated rates of pay that include various components, such as overtime rates, statutory holidays and shift allowances however year on year since the inception of the consolidated rate at this site, low pay awards and pay freezes have seen the erosion of the consolidated rate so that workers now face an hourly rate of pay that, we believe, no longer includes the components that initially built up the rate of pay.

The most recent offer by the company of 3.2% is totally unacceptable to our members.

We are seeing a trend that will mean by the time the National Minimum Wage, or the Tory “living wage” as its ridiculously referred to, catch up with rates of pay that are supposedly enhanced, workers will have completely lost the additional benefits trade unions fought long and hard for over many years. We feel its time to reinstate overtime premiums, statutory holidays, shift allowances and any other Terms and Conditions that employers have clawed away over the years for their own gain.

Workers in Hovis are prepared to stand up and fight in order for the company to recognise that the consolidated rate is no longer working and no longer accepted by employees.

In Solidarity

Laura Graham
Regional Officer

Bakers Back Burgon!

Following discussions with our Executive Council and consultations across all our regions, we can confirm that the Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union will be nominating and supporting Richard Burgon for Deputy Leader of the Labour Party.

Richard is the first BFAWU member ever to be elected to Parliament, and has an excellent record of supporting our Union and its membership. He has demonstrated his commitment to improving the lives of those we represent, and has always been prepared to stand with us when we have needed political support. We feel strongly, that as Deputy Leader, Richard will take forward his strong beliefs in fairness, equality, justice and socialist principles, in order to help build a Labour Party that is prepared to work hard in order to win back the grassroots, and to get it ready for government.

Ian Hodson (BFAWU National President)

A vote for your future

We have the opportunity to build a future for all our families. Unlike what we are being told, the upcoming General Election is not about Brexit but about the type of society we want to live in:  one where we can retire at 66 and not potentially 75 under a Conservative Government; , one where workers have a  right to paid holidays and paid breaks and not have those rights removed as could happen under the Conservatives. The attached Labour Party Manifesto demonstrates the country that we could have ,and how it could be financed. The truth is that  we don’t have to suffer; we can build a better future for ourselves and for future generations.

We would encourage everyone to vote for  Labour Government to preserve workers rights and create a fairer society for all.


EFFAT Stands With Fast-Food Workers!

12 November 2019

EFFAT stands with fast food workers striking for fair wages & decent conditions

Tuesday 12 November 2019 marks an international day of action for fast food workers’ rights. Across the EU and the USA, fast food workers are demanding a living wage, decent working conditions and their right to join a union – and EFFAT stands in solidarity with all of them.

In the UK, workers from several unions – including EFFAT affiliates BFAWU and Unite the Union – as well as War On Want came out in support of the #McStrike movement pushing for respect for workers’ rights and an end to poverty pay. Beginning in 2017, these strikes have now spread throughout the hospitality sector in the UK and are calling for £15 per hour. In London, striking workers were joined by prominent Labour Party politicians including Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP and Brexit Spokesperson Sir Keir Starmer MP.

In Belgium, EFFAT affiliates FGTB Horval and FNV have been protesting in line with their ‘Fight for € 14’ campaign – inspired by the ‘Fight for $ 15’ movement which began in the fast food sector in the USA. ‘Fight for € 14′ is calling for a gross minimum wage of € 14 per hour, or € 2,300 gross per month.

In Germany, NGG has organised protests across the country, including in Hamburg and Kassel, to coincide with this international day of action and as part of the Fight for 12 campaign, which is demanding a salary increase to 12 € per hour and renewed collective agreements in the fast food industry - where current agreements are due to expire at the end of 2019.

And in Spain, Servicios CCOO have been out in force under the slogan ‘Fast and Precarious’ calling for an end to the precarious work which characterises the fast food sector in particular.

Last week, at EFFAT’s 5th Congress in Zagreb, EFFAT and the International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers’ Associations (IUF) staged a mass photo action featuring all 350+ Congress participants to show its solidarity with fast food workers across the world demanding fair wages, decent conditions and union rights.

Today, EFFAT reiterates its commitment to ensuring a sustainable food supply chain with fair pay and decent working conditions for fast food workers and all workers that contribute to bringing food to our table. Together we must end the scandal of in-work poverty and precarious work in the global fast food sector and beyond.

Follow events and join in the conversation using:


Solidarity action Earth Strike 20th of September

At our Conference in June, delegates passed a motion to support the call for a General Strike for Climate. All BFAWU workplaces are encouraged to support the day of action in whichever way they can. We fully support the global student strikes that have been taking place across the world. .

The Climate Crisis needs to be tackled now and we need to be prepared to take all action necessary to protect our planet. We cannot continue to leave it to future generations. There are no jobs on a dead planet. We all live under the same sun; walk under the same moon; breathe the same air. Our life, and those of future generations, are reliant on us to do the right thing.The question isn’t "What happens if I join the action?"; the question is "wWat happens if I don’t?"

  • Join local rallies – see the UKSCN website 
  • Link up with other unions in your local area, such as through your trades councils.
  • Organise something in the lunch break outside your workplace – be visible and take photos.
  • Start discussions with members on climate change and why it’s an issue for workers.
  • Ask your employer to declare a climate emergency.

Support the action and stand up for Humanity and all life on Earth.


Further information  https://www.earth-strike.com/


BFAWU Statement on Labour Commitment to Tackle Workplace Heat

The BFAWU welcomes today’s announcement by the Labour Party on tackling heat in the workplace. For many years, our Union has been at the forefront and has indeed made calls to businesses, politicians, the Health and Safety Executive as well as the TUC to support measures that protect employees from extreme workplace heat. Our ‘Cool It’ campaign has been asking for reasonable measures to be introduced to protect workers since 2010 and today’s announcement is a step in the right direction to ensuring all workers in hot environments are not left unprotected.

The business lobby has resisted any introduction of even the most minor changes, constantly undermining our ability to bring about the changes we require for a more comfortable working environment. They have knowingly, and willingly put profit before the safety of human beings. The fact that so many of our workplaces record temperatures in excess of forty degrees shows that without legislation, employers will simply not deal with this issue. We expect all employers who are happy to sit in air-conditioned offices with free and easy access to cold drinks, to ensure (as a bare minimum) additional breaks, free drinks and an alteration to the dress code, as well as providing means of reducing the temperature in all areas of the workplace.

Let’s hope that Labour’s commitment to workplace temperature is just the tip of the ‘Cool It!’ iceberg.

Click here for a previous article that includes a link to a Trade Union Rep's guide to heat in the workplace.

Ian Hodson (National President)

BFAWU Statement on Brexit

On July 8th 2019, a number of Labour Party affiliated Trade Unions outlined their position on Brexit, so we would like to take this opportunity to clarify ours.

Although the BFAWU preferred the focus to be on addressing the real issues that face workers in Tory Britain, rather than be distracted by a referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union back in 2016, we supported and made the case for a Socialist-based Brexit.

At our recent Annual Conference, we re-confirmed our support to leave the EU and to oppose a second referendum. Instead, we support the call for a General Election, so that we can deal with the social issues such as homelessness, low pay, job insecurity, the scaling back of our public services and other serious matters that have been conveniently kicked into the long grass as a result of the endless toing, froing and political games played by our so-called representatives in Westminster, along with a poisonous mainstream media, who continue to misrepresent the reasons why so many people in this country are suffering.

We believe that the Government should guarantee the right to remain for all EU citizens that are living in the UK without delay, and ensure that they are able to take full part in our democratic processes, including the right to vote.

As far as the BFAWU are concerned, people living and working here from other countries are not responsible for the ills of society, or the race to the bottom in relation to basic rights in the workplace. These problems are created by politicians and a rampant corporatocracy, who believe that working people in the UK are nothing more than resources, whose labour is exploited in order to prop up the lifestyles of a wealthy elite.

We had the referendum in 2016 and the decision was made. The government have had three years to get on with it and have failed. The only referendum on the table now, should be in relation to who replaces it.

Ian Hodson (BFAWU National President)

Support the Climate Strike!

The BFAWU urges its members to get involved, if you want a planet fit for your children and Grandchildren we need to take action now.

The last few months and weeks have been amazing. The global movement of school climate strikes and the inspiring actions of Extinction Rebellion have shifted the debate on climate change injecting a new urgency.

The first success of this growing movement has been to force the UK parliament to declare a Climate Emergency. Now we need the action to match the words.

Greta Thunberg has called for a general strike urging others join student striking for climate action. Many trade unionists across the trade union movement have been inspired by the action taken in the last few months by young people determined to defend their future. Now, as trade unionists, let’s stand in solidarity and add our voice to the call for climate action.

Let’s start by building solidarity with the school climate strike on May 24th. Can you...

  • Bring your trade union banner on the Youth Strike 4 Climate protest on Friday 24 May at 11am in Parliament Square in London? Can you get to local demonstrations across Britain (list here)?
  • Take a solidarity photo in your work place with the signs above, showing trade unions stand with students and tweet it? Use hashtags #GlobalStrike4Climate and #TradeUnions4Climate
  • Organise a trade union meeting on the day to discuss the Climate Emergency and what your union is doing to respond?
  • Pass a motion of solidarity in your union/branch? [download Word doc]
  • Share with us at CACC trade union group and others ideas about what we can do to stand in solidarity students in solidarity?

Pledges of practical action might include:

  • Joining or supporting a local action against a climate-damaging project such as airport expansion, fracking or coal mining and many others 
  • A demand to employer(s) to green the workplace (ITUC day of action 26 June
  • Taking climate jobs or Green New Deal motions to your branch, trades council, CLP

Let’s mobilise across the whole of the trade union movement- to put a million climate jobs and a national climate service to deliver a Green New Deal at the heart of the urgent action we need to tackle the climate emergency. 

National Facebook event - invite your friends

Download A3 signs (white background / blue background)

Read more:

National Education Union votes to stand in solidarity with youth strikers

Teachers call for a just transition, for climate change to be integrated into the curriculum, and to oppose reprisals for strikers. 

Members of UCU pledge solidarity with youth strikes

NEC and members across universities and colleges pledge support


Friday, May 24, 2019 - 11:00 to 14:00




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