Stand Up To Racism On March 18th!

There is a toxic atmosphere of anti-migrant hysteria following the EU referendum, which has become normalised since the election of US President, Donald Trump and is being underpinned by the UK's Conservative government.

In a situation where migrants, Muslim women and others are being attacked and refugees are being abandoned by Britain and Europe to destitution, drowning and exploitation, there has never been a more important time in recent history to stand up to racism.

On March 18th, we wish to see the Stand Up To Racism (SUTR) demonstration for UN Anti-Racism Day the biggest yet, to show that Theresa May does not speak for us when she blames migrants and refugees for the problems caused by austerity and the financial crisis.

Over the past 4 years, SUTR has organised a number of protests in defence of migrants and refugees. At their recent conference, 1,500 participants – including Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, Lord Alf Dubs and others – launched a mass anti racist movement. Let's join them in London in March 2017 so that we can stand up to racism together.

Details of the march are here,

Where's The Fire Engine, Daddy?

The UK is sleepwalking into a dystopian era; a country where unless you have the right insurance you will get no help or assistance from the state.

The government's seemingly endless austerity agenda has been underpinned by the virtually unchallenged Tory political ideology that public sector is bad, and private sector is king. The truth of course is that for the most part, anyone using services from outsourced or privatised providers be it transport or energy, will have little option but to cut their own budgets in order to be able to pay for them.

We hear and read stories on an almost daily basis about the elderly and those on low incomes having to decide whether to heat their homes or eat during the winter, along with stories about the rising costs of rail fares. Make no mistake, the government have similar plans for the NHS. The Conservatives never wanted a National Health Service and since 2010, they have embarked on a mission to starve it of funds, whilst selling off sections of it and offering multi-million pound contracts to the likes of Richard Branson and his Virgin empire. Unless we start to wake up and act, access to any form of medical care or assistance will depend on how much you can afford to pay by way of insurance. The government aren't prepared to stop there either. Emergency services, such as the police and fire services have also been stripped to the bone, as part of the government's agenda of small state and large scale private enterprise.

A short film has been made to provide a clear warning of what our future will look like if we don't stand up for our fantastic and dedicated public sector. We must stop the Tories selling off our services to their friends and cronies. Please watch and share. 

The film can be viewed here

Fight For £10 March and Rally in Sheffield on December 17th

Fair pay for the work people do is a basic right. Workers should not be facing hardship as a result of poverty pay, particularly at Christmas.

A march and rally in support of a real living wage of £10 an hour will take place at Devonshire Green in Sheffield at 1pm on Saturday, December 17th.

The event is supported by a number of other Trade Unions such as Unite and the GMB, along with the BFAWU. and local Trades Councils.

For more information, click here

Tell McDonalds To Fix Working Conditions At European Stores, NOW!

McDonalds make billions in profits worldwide each year, yet continue to exploit and neglect workers with zero hours contracts, poor pay and Union-busting techniques.

The Fight For $15 campaign has launched a petition, asking people to stand with McDonalds workers across Europe and demand justice in the workplace.

The petition, along with more information about the campaign can be found here

Please sign and pass on to friends, family and colleagues.

Stamp Out Workplace Bullying!

Bullying can take many forms in the workplace, both physical and psychological. Bullying is an unwanted and abusive behaviour, where an individual or group of people create an intimidating or humiliating work environment for another individual or group of people. If it is unwarranted and unwelcome to the individual, then this is likely to be bullying.

To support anti-bullying week (14th-18th November), Greater Manchester Hazards Centre have published a printable document in order to help workers, Health and Safety Reps and Shop Stewards identify and prevent bullying.

It can be found here

Don't suffer in silence.

Report it, inform your shop steward and stamp it out. 

My Life as a Bar Worker (video)

This is Laura’s life: age 24; a Northerner; bar team leader for a large pub chain (and formerly a McDonald’s manager); zero hours contract; on a minimum wage; no savings in the bank; trainers donated to her by a friend; boss spied on the workers’ own secret Facebook group as they were organising a union.

“The main reason I joined the union is because I believe in collective action, all of us are better than one of us,” Laura explains.

Watch a video of Laura's story here

*Warning - some language may offend.


Bolton Trades Council 150 Years Celebration!


BFAWU Response To Shadow Chancellor's Living Wage Pledge

The BFAWU welcomes the commitment given by the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell today in his Labour Party Conference speech, of a living wage of at least £10 an hour for all workers.

This would raise the living standards of millions of low paid workers in this country and would hopefully bring about an end to the shameless exploitation of people by certain companies, as a result of George Osborne’s ‘living wage’; a gimmick that offers security and improved life standards to precisely no-one.

A living wage of £10 an hour would be a life changing moment, that offers us an opportunity to build the fairer society that we all want to see. Traditionally, it's been Labour that is the true friend of of working people and we would certainly take the view that Mr McDonnell has re-confirmed that in this commitment. 

The BFAWU Pays Tribute To Myrna De Los Santos

It saddens us deeply to hear of the death of the US working class leader, Myrna De Los Santos, at the age of 49; a lady who despite ill-health, often walked to work in wind and rain through being unable to afford transportation. An inspirational woman who attended picket lines and fought for better pay and Trade Union rights. Unbelievably, she died for want of healthcare that she couldn't afford. Despite earning only $9 an hour, she didn't qualify for Medicaid or any other help. The fact that Myrna was unable to receive the care she needed brings great shame upon both her employer, McDonalds and her country. One of the richest companies on earth, based in one of the planet's richest economies.

Every worker deserves a life of fair play, dignity, well-being and good health. There should be no ifs, and no buts. However, poverty wages and corporate greed take these rights away from so many workers and in Myrna's case, the low pay that she received contributed massively to the loss of her life.

The Bakers', Food and Allied Workers Union stands in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in the United States through this tragic and terrible time, and we offer our sincere love and condolences to all who knew Myrna. 

We pledge to reflect on Myrna's life and approach our efforts to fight for the rights of fast-food workers in the United Kingdom and abroad with renewed vigour. We also urge everyone to sign the petition on behalf of US fast-food workers (link below).

We stand with the 'Fight For $15' campaign and remind workers in our country that the US healthcare/insurance model is one that the UK Conservative government is making a steady creep towards. Cases like Myrna's should drive us to fight to protect our NHS in our country and to demand free, universal healthcare for everyone else around the world.

If countries can find billions of pounds to set other nations on fire and bomb people, we sure as hell can find the money to provide healthcare for all.

In solidarity.

Ian Hodson BFAWU National president (On behalf of the Fast Food Rights campaign; £10 and a Union)

Statement from the General Secretary of BFAWU following his resintatement by the Labour Party

Following a short hearing with officials of the  Labour Party South East, I have received notification that I have had my suspension lifted and informed that I will be able to participate normally in Labour Party business.

I have to say I am absolutely delighted that my appeal has been upheld and that I can continue to campaign both inside and outside the party for the return of Jeremy Corbyn as our leader.

The assistance that I have had has been invaluable as has the support from thousands of rank and file members. My sincere thanks to my lawyer, Martin Howe who has given professional guidance and advice from the start and invaluable assistance in having this decision overturned.

Finally, I thank my own union, the Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union for their unstinting support and campaign for my reinstatement.

Now we need to ensure that the thousands of members who have been suspended have their membership reinstated and the opportunity to exercise their democratic right and to vote in the leadership election.

Ronnie Draper
General Secretary


In a statement from Ronnie's solicitor, Martin Howe of Howe & Co Solicitors, said:

“Ronnie, and thousands of other Labour Party members, should never have been suspended for using robust language in the context of the white hot heat of political debate. Free speech is the lifeblood of democracy and the Labour Party should have no part in banning words without taking  context into account . Context is everything.  We need fair and even-handed investigations of genuine grievances. The   blanket use of suspension before investigation - preventing members from attending meetings, theAnnual Conference and, most importantly, from voting in the leadership election - has no place in a modern political party that proudly brought the Human Rights Act to our statute books and where fairness and equality are at the heart of the movement.  I call on the Party immediately to lift the suspensions of all other members who have also exercised their right to express robust political speech so that we can have a truly democratic leadership election that reflects the will of the whole membership.”