Channel 4 News Exposes 'Living Wage' Con!

The BFAWU has laid bare the inadequacies of the 'living wage' ever since George Osborne announced that his government were going to introduce it.

During the lead up to it's introduction on April 1st 2016, companies within the UK food industry have moved heaven and earth to try and find creative ways of dodging their moral responsibilities with regard to pay. Many have moved to introduce consolidated rates of pay, while others are attempting to slash shift premium, unsociable hours and overtime pay rates/benefits. In other words, workers are being expected to fund the living wage themselves, whilst the pay and benefits of CEOs remain untouched.

On April 13th 2016, Channel 4 News exposed the reality of Osborne's 'living wage' and even went as far as to call out Samworth Bothers, an umbrella company who own the likes of Soreen among a number of other companies and who allegedly donated over £500,000 to the Conservative Party. Channel 4 News' revealing feature also exposed the hypocrisy of Tesco.

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BFAWU Launch £10 An Hour Minimum Wage Petition!

The BFAWU has campaigned for the minimum wage to be raised to £10 an hour for the last few years and the campaign has really started to gain momentum with fellow Unions and politicians including Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn giving their backing this call.

In light of this, and a Fast-Food Rights day of action taking place on April 14th 2016, the BFAWU has decided to put pressure on the Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne with an online petition to further support this call.

The BFAWU calls on all members, friends, MPs and affiliates to sign the petition, which can be found here

Jeremy Corbyn Addresses BFAWU Fringe Meeting

Addressing a fringe meeting organised by the BFAWU's Scarborough branch at the recent Young Labour Conference, Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn called on people to join and support the Fast-Food Rights global day of action which takes place on April 14th 2016.

In a wide ranging speech to an audience of more than 200, he praised the work of the BFAWU and the campaigns it has launched. Jeremy also spoke about the issues of mental health, with the need to end the stigma and give real support to people. 

We thank Mr Corbyn for taking the time out of an undoubtedly busy schedule to speak to BFAWU members.

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Report From BFAWU Women's Forum

BFAWU Greggs Representative, Executive Council Member and newly elected Full-Time Official for Region 5, Sarah Woolley reports from the Union's first ever Women's Forum, which took place at Whelley Labour Club, Wigan on February 27th 2016:

At our Annual Conference in June 2015, we recognised that female membership in the BFAWU had fallen by quite a significant amount. As I was the females’ Executive Council member at the time, I challenged branches to look inwardly at themselves in order to identify whether they were inclusive or perceived as a ‘boys only’ club. In addition to this, I 'put the feelers out' nationally around the regions in order to organise a Women’s Forum and on Saturday the 27th February, the BFAWU held its very first one in Wigan!

There was a fairly small group of us and we began the forum with an overview of discrimination issues and family friendly rights from Sadiq Vohra from Slater and Gordon Solicitors. He explained how complicated the new shared parental leave can be and how important it is to research every aspect of it before making any applications. But what resonated with me the most was when Sadiq spoke to us about harassment and explained that it is about how you feel. If you feel offended personally, no one can tell you that you don’t and that is what is important. As soon as you feel that way, it needs to be reported and all evidence collected immediately, as this strengthens cases.

We then looked at the courses that the BFAWU provide via the learning services and suggested developing a course based around keeping safe online, especially around social media sites. If you’re not careful, a whole world of information can be found out about you, as a few of our female activists found out when they were recently targeted by some very aggressive right wing groups.

We spoke in depth about the structural set up of the Trade Union Movement agreeing that in 2016, it is still very male orientated and even the strongest, loudest of women can easily be  ‘drowned out’, which can severely affect  confidence and actually put women off even attempting to become involved. This appears to be happening at all levels of the movement.

Women still hold the majority of the caring responsibilities at home; from looking after children to after they grow up and fly the nest before then in many cases, caring for ageing parents. This means that evening meetings may well be inaccessible and activism therefore takes a back step. We need to be aware of this as a movement and support women wanting to become active by making meetings more accessible for example; holding them in the morning or simply rotating the times/days.

Austerity hits women far harder than men and we suggested that as a Union, we should create more links with groups designed to support and help women through this, and even help develop them for the sake of our members.

As active women in our Union, we decided that we need to be the driving force of change. We need to work together, support each other and make our voice louder by way of our collectivism. By doing this I believe we can change the dynamic of the structure and make it a more balanced and equal one. We can no longer rely on others to do it for us!

The BFAWU Opposes The Recent Expulsion Of Socialists From The Labour Party

The Bakers, Food and Allied Workers' Union opposes the expulsion of socialists from the Labour Party; including the eight comrades expelled because of their association with the socialist organisation, Workers' Liberty. We believe in a democratic party where there is unity in action, but freedom of opinion and reasoned debate about political differences.


Many Labour Party members also support distinct political groupings within the party - on the left (eg LRC, Campaign for Labour Party Democracy, Momentum); on the right (eg Labour First, Progress); and in between. That is a sign of a healthy internal life and of course, the party was founded by distinct socialist organisations (Independent Labour Party, Fabians, Social Democratic Federation) working with the unions.


We have the absurd situation where members who have been active in the party for many years are being expelled out of the blue, with little due process - and for no good reason.


The party needs much more transparent and accountable structures for deciding such questions - just as it needs more democratic structures generally.


We cannot help suspect that these expulsions were motivated by the frustrations of some who were not happy with the results of the leadership election. We call on them and everyone in the party to unite behind Jeremy Corbyn in order to build up our movement and take the struggle forward.


Ronnie Draper, BFAWU general secretary, said: "We need to unite the broadest forces in the party to build a stronger labour movement that can take on and defeat the Tories. That means Labour maintaining and strengthening a democratic culture where differences can be discussed in a comradely way while we unite in campaigning. That is why we are opposing the expulsion of these comrades and calling for them to be reversed."

Government Must Open UK Borders To Refugees Living In Calais 'Jungle'

'Stand Up To Racism' (Greater Manchester) have issued the following press statement:


  • People from Manchester will join the national Stand Up To Racism delegation travelling to France on Sunday, December 13th
  • Delegation will highlight conditions at the camp and refugees dying as a result of the harsh winter weather
  • Local group to include a North West MEP, a Bury councillor, a representative from a Manchester Mosque, health workers, teachers and human rights activists

"EVERY NIGHT, SOMEONE IN A TENT ON THIS CAMP IS DYING" ... these are the words of a Sudanese refugee speaking on the phone to a Manchester human rights activist last night.

The man is living in the Calais camp known as "The Jungle" and, next Sunday morning, a delegation will leave Manchester for the French port to highlight the dangerous and squalid conditions in which  refugees are still being forced to live. Now people are starting to die as winter brings other problems for refugees at the camp.

The North West group will be part of a national Stand Up To Racism delegation which is demanding that the UK government opens its borders to the refugees before there are more deaths in the camp this winter.

A North West Labour MEP will join a local councillor, health workers, teachers, religious and community leaders, and human rights activists as part of the region's delegation. 

Bury councillor Tamoor Tariq, who is Lead Member for Community Safety and Deputy Cabinet Member for Health and Well-Being, said he was joining the delegation to learn first hand what is happening on the ground in the Calais camp. "I hope to work with colleagues to campaign and put further pressure on our government to take in refugees from Calais."

Also travelling from Manchester will be midwife and lecturer Sarah Davies, a member of the Royal College of Midwives and of the Universities and Colleges Union.

She said: "There are pregnant women, mothers and babies living in appalling, dangerous conditions in Calais without access to the maternity care they urgently need.

“It is simple human decency to ensure all pregnant women get access to maternity care - no matter which country they find themselves in.  The RCM is appealing to all European countries to work together in a co-ordinated way on this.”

A Manchester Mosque will be represented on the delegation. Shujaat Hussain, treasurer of the UKIM Madina Masjid and Community Centre in Levenshulme, said they were going to France to assess the needs of the refugees and ways the Mosque can help.

He said: "From countries experiencing conflict, widespread violence and insecurity,  huge numbers of migrants have opted to come to Europe to find a safer place.

“But they are stuck on the borders and forced to live in very unpleasant conditions. Efforts are being made to provide migrants with the necessary aid to survive in these conditions but the situation is getting worse day by day.”

Nick Wigmore, a national executive member of the National Union of Teachers, said many children and young people in the UK had shown concern about the escalating refugee crisis -  in particular, the media images of young children suffering and dying in their attempts to flee from war zones.

He added: "We should thank those teachers who have already explored ways in which pupils, schools and our local communities can help.

“We must do as much as we can to provide not only warmth, food and shelter for refugees but also good education, health care and the opportunity for everyone to flourish within and contribute to our communities.”

Trade unionists supporting the delegation include Ian Hodson, President of the Bakers' Union. which has said it stands in solidarity with refugees in Calais. The union leader praised Stand Up To Racism's delegation and its call for the government to let people fleeing from war and death into the UK.

Ian said: "Britain has a proud tradition of reaching out and offering both support and a safe haven to people caught up in desperate and terrifying circumstances.

“No human being, uprooted and left homeless due to the ravages of war, should be left to undergo further uncertainty in a camp facing a severe winter - inevitably putting the lives of innocent men, women and children at risk.”

The Manchester-based Human Rights organisation RAPAR is sending two of its members, a refugee and a British citizen, to Calais.

A spokesperson for the organisation warned: "We are not prepared to sit back and accept the idea that nothing can be done to stop the Calais camp from existing.

"The 5,000 plus people at the camp are literally on the British border.  They are women, children and men from many different war-torn countries and they are now at risk of death again - but this time from a combination of plummeting temperatures and unsanitary conditions.

"This delegation is spotlighting the situation and its solution. The British Government can take a simple step that will stop these deaths from occurring - by allowing people and their families to enter the UK and make their refugee claims in the country where they want to be."
Press contact:
Dr Rhetta Moran, RAPAR

BFAWU Press Release On Hovis, Wigan Job Losses

On 25/11/15, Hovis made a company announcement, stating that they are to cease making bread at their Wigan site, with the proposed closure of the thirty sack bread plant. The BFAWU has entered in to a forty-five day consultation period, which began on 26/11/15. The company have put forward a business case which states that the current downturn in the bread market and a long term forecast of ‘no change’ has led to this decision. However, the site will continue to manufacture crumpets and be a distribution point for bread products made at other sites around the country.

This announcement came completely out of the blue, as we had only recently seen the seventeen sack plant closed and moth-balled in July of this year with the loss of forty jobs, following the consultation period. The Union believed that any further cuts to the operation would take place at other Hovis sites, as the Wigan bakery is the only one in the group to produce crumpets, and is conveniently located close to the motorway network, thus ensuring the freshness of products and efficient delivery. This announcement means that there will be a further loss of up to one-hundred and eleven positions across the site, covering management, production, technical services, engineering and administration staff.

As an ex-employee of the Hovis, Wigan site with twenty-two years of service, I have seen lots of changes over the years. I have also made many friends and have some great memories of my time there. However, there can be no doubt that incompetence, greed and a culture of confrontation at the top levels of management have contributed greatly to company’s current position.  Hovis has been treated like a cash cow, with a revolving door policy in terms of owners, chief executives and managing directors, who have bled the business dry before walking away with golden handshakes as a reward for failure, leaving shop floor staff to bear the brunt of their lack of business nous.

I am of the opinion, that since the BFAWU’s historic victory against the company’s use of exploitative labour and zero hours contracts in 2013, the Wigan site has been targeted for a managed decline and a scaling back of jobs and skills, resembling nothing more that the business equivalent of a death of a thousand cuts, which I fear may lead to the eventual total closure of the bakery. This decision by the company will not only be devastating for our loyal, hard working BFAWU members at the site, it will have a detrimental effect on the local community, of which the bakery has been a central part going back generations; in many cases, employing fathers, sons, mothers and daughters.

As a Trade Union, we will be entering these consultations in a positive manner. Despite having very little to work with, we are hopeful that we can put forward counter-proposals, which may save a number of jobs. We would ask that the company be open-minded and willing to engage in ideas that might protect jobs, as well as the local economy and taxpayers, who will ultimately have to foot the bill in welfare support, should the company follow through with this potentially damaging decision.

Geoff Atkinson (BFAWU No.4 Regional Organising Secretary)

Tel: 07834930002 Email:

Inspirational Young Workers Are Serving Up Change And The Fight For Workers' Rights!

Serving Up Change: The Fight For Workers' Rights will be a short documentary film exploring the exploitative reality of zero hours contracts for many young workers across the country, specifically in the UK fast food industry: an industry where workers are beginning to organise for the first time. It will be comprised of interviews with workers on zero hours contracts, animations and industry footage.

The film will also look to the recent struggle of fast food workers in the USA, who have been fighting for a $15 dollars an hour and Union rights. These workers have started to make real gains with their demands and we will explore how similar movements are now developing in the UK in the fast food industry.

Zero hours contracts disproportionately affect those aged under 25 and they are becoming particularly widespread in a number of industries[1]. The film will document their experiences of work and life under these contracts.

The film will ultimately show how younger and vulnerable workers, such as those on zero hour contracts, can improve their working conditions by both organising in the workplace, and joining a Trade Union.

Our objectives

In the film: 

As young workers who have experienced the unfair reality of low-paid, zero hours contracts first hand, we wanted to create a documentary exposing their supposed flexibilityfor the lie that it really is: naked exploitation.

The main objective of Serving Up Change: The Fight For WorkersRights is to explore the real nature of working conditions for thousands of young workers on these contracts and to stress the importance of joining a Trade Unionand fighting back.


We want our film to be available as an educational resource for Trade Unions, activists and campaign groups to use in order to encourage young people, and vulnerable workers, to join a Trade Union.

Many young people are completely unaware of the role that Trade Unions play in improving rights and conditions in the workplace. TUC and STUC initiatives such as Unions into Schools are doing incredible work educating young people about the benefits of Union membership, and we want to help.

Young people represent the next generation of workers. By emphasising the integral role that Unions play in improving conditions and safeguarding employment rights, we hope to play our part in boosting the participation of under 25 year olds in Trade Unions across the country.

Who are we?

UniteFightFILM are a small group of young activists, Trade Unionists and filmmakers based in Glasgow, Scotland. We formed in June 2015, in response to the Tory governments fresh attacks on Trade Unions and workers' rights.

Involved in community and workplace organising, and active in a number of Trade Unions (mainly the   BFAWU), we were brought together by a mutual love of film as a medium to effect change. We are all volunteers, juggling day jobs and work on a not-for-profit basis.

We are approaching Trade Unions, campaigns and organisations to ask for any donations towards helping make our documentary a success. For a small, one-off donation we are happy to give Unions the right to use our film as an educational resource.


Getting young people active in organisations is an issue that affects every Trade Union and the Labour Movement as a whole.

The involvement of those under 25 is crucial to the long-term sustainability of workersorganisations. Serving Up Change: The Fight For WorkersRights is being made by young people, for young people, and we hope that it will help to improve the overall engagement of those under 25 with Trade Unions.

We need your help though. In a spirit of solidarity, we are asking Trade Unions to consider sparing a donation to help us create a resource that will hopefully encourage young and vulnerable workers to join a Union.

Whilst workers in your industry may not suffer from exploitative zero hours contracts currently, they are becoming increasingly widespread in many industries and represent a threat to your membersrights that must be countered. Zero hours contracts not only exploit the most vulnerable workers in society, they also undermine the collective bargaining power Unions have spent a century developing.

Please consider donating to our project to encourage young people to join a Union: an injury to one, is an injury to all.

With Solidarity,


Contact us:







Itinerary For 'Build The Fight Against Austerity' Event

The doors will open at 12.45pm - please take your seat by 1.15 pm.  After 1.15, your ticket will not guarantee entry and there will also be registration on the day for non-advance ticket holders. So please arrive early to avoid disappointment.

The event will start promptly at 1.30pm.

1.30pm:  “Fighting Austerity” chaired by Steve Gillan (TUCG Chair and POA). Speakers will include: Mick Cash (RMT), Kate Hudson (CND), Ellen Clifford (DPAC),Dave Ward (CWU), Shadia Edwards-Dashti (STWC), Ian Lawrence (NAPO)

2.30pm: Question and Answer session chaired by Christine Blower (NUT). Speakers: Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell MP and Yanis Varoufakis (ex-Finance Minister Syriza)

3.30pm “Building the Alternative” chaired by Bob Monks (URTU). Speakers will include: Mark Serwotka (PCS), Ian Hodson (BFAWU), Lindsey German (Peoples Assembly), Matt Wrack (FBU)

Questions for John McDonnell and Yanis Varoufakis

In the week before the Government’s Autumn Statement what would be Labour’s economic priorities if they were in power? What lessons should the Left learn from the experience of the Syriza in Greece? What are your questions for Yanis and John?

Send your questions in advance to

We look forward to seeing you there,

The Trade Union Coordinating Group

After Corbyn's Victory, Build The Fight Against Austerity!

In advance of the government’s Autumn Statement, the TUCG has organised a major event in the campaign against Austerity, with Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell MP and Yanis Varoufakis, academic and former Greek finance minister and speakers from unions and campaign organisations.

The event takes place from 1.30pm - 4.30pm on Saturday, November 21st at Methodist Central Hall; Westminster.

For more information about the event, click here

For the official flyer, click here