Help For Union Members With Employment Disputes or Unfair Dismissal

It is important to remember that, should you need any advice, you should contact one of our Full Time Officials, whose details can be found on the Contact Page of this website.

If you should have a dispute with your employer, there is only a short time in which any potential claim can be lodged. Please, therefore, see the following instructions:

What you need to do:  Dismissal
If you have been dismissed, you need to text HELP to 67777. This will start the process and you will get a call back from the union who will take your details and you will be allocated a tribunal officer to support you through the process.
You have 3 months less 1 day to lodge a tribunal claim and your tribunal officer will help you through the process.

What you need to do:  Non-Dismissal
It is important that you text HELP to 67777 immediately the problem starts as there are legal timelines that need to be adhered to. The 3 month less 1 day rule applies from the time the incident happened, rather than the time you raised it. These issues could include: sex discrimination, illegal deduction from wages, bullying or anything else that could lead to a tribunal.

Please Note: The BFAWU will only refer those cases to Tribunal where it considers that there is a likelihood of success (Rule 13.3).
Any member who is granted legal assistance agrees to bide by the Rules of the BFAWU in relation to such assistance (Rule 13.4).
The Executive Council’s decision on such matters shall be final (Rule 13.7)

What to expect
It is the member’s [YOUR] responsibility to notify the union of the dismissal or non- dismissal case.
From the moment you contact us, you will be allocated a dedicated tribunal officer from your Region. The tribunal officer will:

  • Assess your case
  • Discuss options with you
  • Liaise with the solicitors
  • Help you through the early conciliation process, and
  • Decide from the minutes, notes and information you have provided, whether or not the union will support you to tribunal.
    YOU will be at the forefront of any decision made by the tribunal officer.
    If you have been unfairly treated, you will be represented by the BFAWU.

To contact us for help:
Text HELP to 67777 Or email