Coronavirus Update for Fast-Food and Hospitality Workers

We Deserve better,

Companies like McDonald’s and Wetherspoons have made public statements which claim they will remain open during this crisis.

We wish to ensure the protection of our members’ livelihoods and health and the protection of your families during this crisis.

Therefore, workers in the industry are proposing the following as reasonable steps to ensure workers safety and securing jobs for the future:

Workers in fast food need to stick together.
£94 a week Statutory sick pay is not enough to survive.
Workers are calling on the fast food industry to treat us with respect.

The BFAWU calls on the Government and big business to implement.

1. Full Sick Pay for all casual workers, based on the living wage.
2. £15 an hour for all workers forced to work (people deserve to be paid extra for working during this crisis and risking both their health and that of their families).
3. Service only by Apps and drive through.
4. No loss of pay or jobs during closures.
5. Better health and safety

Please fill in this form and let us know what’s happening in your workplace

Please share this with your co-workers.
We are stronger when we stick together.

In addition; many workers in fast food and hospitality are facing hardship. The government needs to implement a pause on all rent payments whilst workers face reduced hours or are made redundant as result of coronavirus.

We are asking all our members and friends to support this petition by members of the community union Acorn.

Gareth Lane
National Fast Food Organiser
Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union


Fast Food Rights
William Rust House
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