Young Members

The BFAWU classes young members as those who are 27 or under, Young members have a dedicated representative on our executive committee and they are there to ensure our young members have a voice.

We know that some of the issues young members face are the same as older members, however there are many that are very different.

A lot of work has been done over the last few years to recognise what these issues are, the TUC has done some research which can be found below.

Low pay, precarious work, health and safety risks are just some of the areas of employment that disproportionately affect younger workers negatively.

We also know that younger workers are less likely to know their rights or raise issues at work if there is one.

Young workers are also less likely to be aware of the benefits of being part of a trade union and having an organised workplace.

November every year is recognised as Young Workers Month by the trade union movement, there are usually a number of events that take place and the GFTU holds an annual Young members development weekend which brings young members from across the movement together to learn more!

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