Mission and Values

Mission Statement

The Bakers Food and Allied workers Union will use its collective power to improve the working conditions and lives of food workers, their families, and their communities harness the power of technology, and build a broad movement across the food sectors to end the injustice, low pay and insecurity which are all associated with an unequal society, it is our aim to bring lasting transformational change towards a more just society for all.

Vision Statement

The BFAWU is a diverse, ethical, and transparent 21st Century worker led organisation leading with vision, understanding, clarity, and agility, thereby thriving in an ever- changing world.
Through the work of our members, by building a rank and file organisation that will build workplace power, that will seek partnerships, and embrace innovation and education, the BFAWU will have achieved quality jobs that deliver liveable wages, safe working environment retirement security, respect, and the right to a union for all.

Values and behaviour’s

Leadership is when we organise around vision show our courage and build workplace power.

Compassion is when we work to find solutions to the suffering of others.

Empowerment is when we build the confidence of our membership to take leading roles within the workforce.

Accountability is when we take ownership of our actions and our deeds.

Transparency is when we have open dialogue and communication across all of our organisation.

Excellence the lessons from our success and failures that we learn from every day and the desire and determination to achieve improvement.