Why are Equal rights an Employment issue?

Employers often need to be made aware of their obligations under the law and, as there have been many changes over the last few years, workplace representatives have a key role in ensuring these are implemented. But it is not just about rights under the law but also about all workers being treated with the same respect and having the same opportunities at work. Often employers have good policies but it is more of a challenge to change workplace cultures, Good practice creates good reputations, which will go a long way with all communities who may use the services of the company or organisation.

It is important that unions press employers to follow through and ensure good practice throughout the organisation

Employers who offer good working conditions reap the benefits in a more positive, committed workforce with lower stress and sickness levels and a greater number of applications for vacancies. it can result in higher productivity, less absenteeism, lower staff turnover and therefore lower recruitment and training costs.


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