Health and Safety

At your workplace you can get support from our Health & Safety Representatives who are trained via our excellent training courses. Safety Representatives have legal rights to: conduct investigations into accidents and potential hazards; inspect the workplace; consult with members and take up issues on their behalf with Management. Our Safety Representatives are not on their own: we recognise the importance of Health and Safety and provide support both Regionally and Nationally.

Your National Health &  Safety Committee representatives are elected by each Region (Rule 4). Your current Committee are:
Region 1: Tatiana Rees
Region 2: Tony Mansell 
Region 3: Michael Blundred
Region 4: John Owens (Chair)
Region 5: Mark Dickens (Vice Chair)
Region 7: Dermid Best

How to raise a Health & Safety related issue:

At site level speak initially to your Branch Health & Safety Representative (or other Branch representative). Some issues may require further progression throughout the Union. This can be done through your Branch meeting and to your Regional Council. If the Regional Council deems an issue to be serious enough, this will then be referred to the National Health & Safety Committee. Some issues may require a Union campaign, this may require a Resolution being submitted to Annual Conference.

If you require any further information, contact your Regional Office.

Why should you become a BFAWU Health and Safety representative?
There are plenty of health and safety laws that should protect workers, but without trade union organised workplaces including Safety Reps, employers can ignore their legal duties, click on the link above to find out more!
Thank you to Hazards for putting this interactive guide together for us!

Useful Documents

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