Green Reps

Green Reps

Why do we need green reps?

Over half of carbon emissions are work-related so organisations have a vitally important role to play in tackling climate change.

Collective action in the workplace can lead to changes in policy and structures as well as individual behaviour and so is more effective in cutting carbon than actions taken by individual consumers.

Staff at all levels need to be engaged in the task of helping to reduce emissions. Union environmental or green reps play a key role in raising awareness and ensuring that environmental issues are included in the bargaining agenda with employers.

Role of the environmental or green rep

1) Raising awareness and promoting green workplace practices with members – such as reducing waste, recycling, energy saving, green purchasing.

2) Liaising with the branch on green/sustainability issues that need to be raised with management.

3) Taking forward and promoting BFAWU policy and campaigns on green/ sustainability issues in the branch – e.g. on energy/climate change, fracking.

4) Carrying out workplace environmental audits.

5) Monitoring employers’ activity on/progress towards green/ sustainability policies/targets

6) Involvement in developing best environmental practice in the workplace – e.g. through committees/working parties, developing environmental policies/ management systems, drawing up workplace agreements etc.

7) Networking with other BFAWU green reps to share information and good practice.

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We are currently sourcing a training course, working with the GFTU.

The Greener Jobs Alliance has produced an online Climate change Awareness training course you can access here.

Futurelearn also offer a good range of free courses across a range of environmental issues.  Operated as part of the Open University courses are run in conjunction with leading universities. For more information and to see upcoming courses you can access their website here.