When we talk about an organised workplace we mean a workplace where;
• the union draws its strength from not just the number of members it has, but also the number of reps and activists;
• the union campaigns on issues that members care about and seeks to involve them in campaign activity;
• a union that reflects the diversity of the workers amongst its membership and activists.

Three organising fundamentals;
• The strength of the union is built on high levels of membership and activity
• Members are encouraged to work collectively and have the chance to
campaign together on issues that they care about
• Paid officers provide support, advice and leadership to assist members to win in their workplace

Five Indicators Of An Organised Workplace

  1. There is a high level of union membership and activity
  2. There are reps in all areas of the workplace, they are well
    trained and have enough time off
  3. Meetings are well attended
  4. Members prioritise and are involved in branch activity
  5. The union communicates with members regularly using a variety of techniques

How to Map your Workplace

Mapping is the process of creating a picture of the workplace or branch that we are organising.
Mapping is an essential part of any organising effort as it provides information that will enable you to create an effective organising and campaign plan. Your map can be used for many purposes

You can use our Workplace mapping form to get you started:

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