Executive council

The BFAWU is run by its members for its members. Aside from Conference, the governing body elected by and from the membership are the Executive Council who meets every three months. They are:

Region 1
Pat Kellypat.kelly@bfawu.org
Region 2
Nick Mead Nick.mead@bfawu.org
Region 3
Dimitru Manoledimitru.manole@bfawu.org
Region 4
John Owensjohn.owens@bfawu.org
Shaun Welsbyshaun.welsby@bfawu.org
Region 5
Pauline McCarthypauline.mccarthy@bfawu.org
Joe Knapperjoe.knapper@bfawu.org
Region 7
Kevin Floodkevin.flood@bfawu.org
Female representative
Rachel Mullenrachel.mullen@bfawu.org
Young members representative
Lee Burnslee.burns@bfawu.org