BFAWU at Greggs

If you work at Greggs you can become a member of BFAWU….

We have a long standing recognition agreement with the company and the union meets with them regularly at different levels;

Regional meetings:

Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) meetings are held in each bakery with representatives from the union and management from across the departments.

In retail these are held within the regions of the company with representatives from across the Unions regions and Management of the company

National meetings:

The Supply Forum, where representatives from Supply and Logistics meet with Management Nationally to discuss issues that affect multiple sites and distribution centers

The Retail Partnership Forum, where representatives from across the different retail regions meet with Management to discuss national issues affecting shops

The National retail Safety, Health and Environment committee, who meet to discuss national issues that may occur

The Greggs National Negotiating Committee (GNC) meets to discuss terms and conditions and any proposed changes to them, negotiate pay deals on your behalf and keeps up to date with how the business is performing.

For More Information:

On the back office there is information under Trade Unions in the People section on who your local representative is if you need advice or representation.

You will also find a membership form that can be printed off and filled in, once you do please ensure you send a digital copy to Greggs Payroll as well as your Regional BFAWU office (which can be found on the contacts section of this website) or contact if you’re not sure what region you are in.

We also have:

A dedicated BFAWU members at Greggs Facebook page which can be found by searching @BFAWUGreggsmembers

A WhatsApp group for BFAWU driver members in Greggs – contact to join

A WhatsApp group for BFAWU reps in Greggs – contact to join.