Regularise – Building Back Better with Undocumented People

Regularise is a migrant founded grassroots collective and campaign group, founded in 2019 prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, to address the decades of sustained hardships experienced by undocumented migrants living in the UK. They are made up of migrants and British citizens and seek to improve the quality of life of undocumented migrants who are living in the UK by attaining basic rights & a safer and more equitable path to settlement and citizenship. This includes hundreds of thousands of hardworking but exploited undocumented migrant workers whose home is the UK.

Their new report ‘Building Back Better with Undocumented People’ highlights how, as the UK attempts to recover from the pandemic and get to grips with the multiple challenges of our time—from COVID-19, to long-term and recent labour shortages, Brexit, and climate change—including and involving all people in the UK is the only way to true and sustainable economic and social recovery.

The trade union movement has been at the forefront of winning workers’ rights along with protecting workers from exploitation in an ever changing economy, defending a workforce that is integral to British society. 

Regularise asks that we continue this fight by challenging the precarity of undocumented migrant workers, and addressing how their limited labour rights leaves them vulnerable to exploitation. This would then allow undocumented people, many who have lived in the UK for more than 5 years, and even 10 years to be able to live with dignity and participate fully in society. Building Back Better provides a tremendous opportunity to rectify specific vulnerabilities that exist in our society today and they believe that the BFAWU and the trade union movement should be central to that.