Cost of Living Impact on Mental Health 2022-2023

The Coronavirus pandemic took a toll on all of us. Whether you felt lonely, were furloughed or lost your job, we can all agree that Coronavirus affected everyone’s mental health to one extent or the other.

Now the cost of living is also having an effect on your mental health. More and more people are struggling to pay their bills and get through the month. With inflation set to rise even further in 2023, it is no wonder our mental health is struggling.

Right now, people feel like they have nowhere to turn and that they are losing control of their finances and their life. That is why if you are suffering from a mental health issue, then you must seek help as soon as possible from your local GP or from a mental health charity such as Mind [3].

Latest studies have also shown that women are now said to be suffering from the impact and stress of the cost of living the most [1]. In fact, 30% of women have said that money is making them feel more depressed, compared to just 26% of men [1].

If you would like more information on the impact of the cost of living, then read our infographic below.





[3] See alcohol rehab in Hertfordshire article.