EC Response to Suspension of General Secretary by the Labour Party

The Executive Council (EC) of the BFAWU were disappointed to learn that our General Secretary, Ronnie Draper, has been suspended by the Labour Party, with reference to alleged, and as yet unproven, comments made on social media. The EC would like to express its support of, and solidarity, with Ronnie, who we feel has been treated disgracefully. We call upon the Labour Party NEC to immediately withdraw this suspension to allow the General Secretary, who has been a life-long member of the Labour Party and who represents thousands of low-paid workers across the UK, to exercise his democratic right to vote in the upcoming leadership election.

The BFAWU has been a long-time affiliate of the Labour Party, supporting all of its democratically elected leaders throughout our history, regardless of their political stance. While we may not always have agreed with the direction being taken by the Party, we have always been a friend, ally and supporter.

Politics is an emotive business and workers deserve to have a passionate voice speaking up on their behalf. Unlike others, who have not been suspended, our Union has not funded or supported other political organisations that were, or are, in conflict with the Labour Party.

Ian Hodson
National President on behalf of the Executive Council.