Coalition of trade unions defeat the government’s anti-trade union laws!

Sarah Woolley, General Secretary of the BFAWU, the largest independent trade union specialising in the Food sector and allied trades, has spoken out after the Tory government suffered a major defeat in the High Court as judges ruled its strike-breaking agency worker regulations are unlawful.

Sarah said: ‘We are proud to have stood with the other ten trade unions and the TUC to challenge these changes legally, and will continue to stand with our sister unions to push back against the ever more draconian measures this Tory Government are intent on trying to push through.

This is a huge victory for the trade union movement, they tried to railroad through an unjust and unfair measure that attempted to undermine and weaken any industrial action our members democratically vote to take and it is clear now their actions were unlawful.’

The legal challenge was brought forward by the BFAWU alongside ten other trade unions (ASLEF, FDA, GMB, NEU, NUJ, POA, PCS, RMT, Unite and Usdaw) and was co-ordinated by the TUC.

The unions were represented by Thompsons Solicitors.

For more detailed information please see the TUC press release –