Hovis Belfast strike update

With the Hovis strike in full swing, the first two days have shown the exceptional comradeship and solidarity that flows through the veins of trade unionists. Both our BFAWU members and that of Unite the Union have also shown how working together really means “Strength in Unity”. 

To date Hovis management have failed to come back to the negotiating table and get serious about offering our members in Northern Ireland a decent pay rise. Their final offer of 3% was pulled off the table by them when the negotiating committee rejected their “demand” to ballot our members on the offer. The arrogance of the employer towards the workforce after their efforts playing their part this past year and keeping a nation fed through a global pandemic has only strengthened the resolve of all the members holding the picket line. 

Speaking to the local media, Laura Graham told the PA news agency: “The strike is as a result of the pay offer from the company, which was not to the expectation of the employees to put it lightly” “They’ve been offered what they see as a paltry pay offer after the year that they put in working through a pandemic” 

The strike will continue and support will grow, due to the commitment of this workforce. And we hope that the spark that has been ignited by the members of Hovis Belfast will spread like wildfire through the food industry that our union is immensely proud to represent, you take on one of us you take on all of us! 

Laura Graham on behalf of Hovis members