Register To Vote In The Labour Leadership Election!

The BFAWU is an affiliate of the Labour Party, which entitles our members who support the principles of the Labour Party a right to vote in the leadership election that has been called.

Whilst we feel that this leadership challenge is an unnecessary distraction, when we should be holding this awful Tory government to account and comes at a time that people in communities are looking to politicians for stability in these uncertain times, now the decision has been made, we encourage all our members to take part. At our recent Annual Conference, delegates re-affirmed their support of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and committed to working with him on building a fairer more equal society. Our Union has formerly nominated Jeremy, a man who has stood with working people and our members, and has actively supported all our campaigns. Now is our opportunity to stand with him.

This leadership election is about offering hope for all, not just for some. Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership election victory last September provided a refreshing change in UK politics: an honest, decent politician whose life’s work has been to defend the rights of people and to stand up for justice. He is a man who puts the interests of all people at the heart of his leadership. This election is also about upholding the principles of democracy that people have fought and died for.

We ask all of our members who have not already done so, to register to vote. They can do so by going to Please note that registration must be done by noon on the 8th of August in order to be entitled to a vote.

Ian Hodson (National President)