Solidarity action Earth Strike 20th of September

At our Conference in June, delegates passed a motion to support the call for a General Strike for Climate. All BFAWU workplaces are encouraged to support the day of action in whichever way they can. We fully support the global student strikes that have been taking place across the world. .

The Climate Crisis needs to be tackled now and we need to be prepared to take all action necessary to protect our planet. We cannot continue to leave it to future generations. There are no jobs on a dead planet. We all live under the same sun; walk under the same moon; breathe the same air. Our life, and those of future generations, are reliant on us to do the right thing.The question isn’t “What happens if I join the action?”; the question is “wWat happens if I don’t?”

  • Join local rallies – see the UKSCN website 
  • Link up with other unions in your local area, such as through your trades councils.
  • Organise something in the lunch break outside your workplace – be visible and take photos.
  • Start discussions with members on climate change and why it’s an issue for workers.
  • Ask your employer to declare a climate emergency.

Support the action and stand up for Humanity and all life on Earth.

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