Spoonstrikers Receive Bumper Pay Rise

Photo Credit: Raid Studios: Ajit Dutta

Wetherspoons workers in Brighton  pubs are celebrating a bumper pay rise following their historic first strike in October . In addition to the pay rises announced, but not detailed, by JD Wetherspoons in their profits warning 07 November 2018, they have been put on a higher pay rate, earning an extra 60p an hour.

This win for the first workers to go out on strike at Wetherspoons adds to the list of victories the workers have experienced since coming together into into a trade union and going on strike for the first time in the pub chain’s history. Their actions have benefited both themselves and workers across the pub chain which has xxxx branches across the UK:

  • The annual pay rise was brought forward from early 2019 to November shortly after the strike was announced.  
  • In the same pay rise, pubs across the country were promised an extra £1 an hour between midnight and 5am, and the 18-20 pay band was removed.
  • Significant rota issues in both pubs were addressed, including the abolition of overnight shifts.
  • Bullying managers were held to account, leading to a management reshuffle and a member of staff successfully appealing their unfair demotion.
  • Workers have continued to organise, expand, and build the campaign to create the change they feel they deserve at Wetherspoons.  

Victoria Jordan, a shift leader at the Post and Telegraph, said  

“Managers told us we have no support, that we would be ignored and quickly forgotten about – but we proved them wrong. If two pubs in the company can create this much change, imagine what we will achieve as we grow. We are already winning.”

Chris Heppell, kitchen team leader at the Post and Telegraph said

“By organising into a trade union we’ve improved our pubs, won a substantial pay rise for Brighton and changed things we couldn’t have changed alone. We’ve made the company listen to us and take action. We will keep building our union. We want every Wetherspoons worker in the country to be paid a wage we can thrive on. And to have a say in all of the decisions that affect our working lives.”

Elsie Bradley Middle, a bar associate at the Post and Telegraph said

“The pay rise that has come into effect this month has shown that our organising really does work. On top of the company wide increase, we’ve won an additional 40p pay rise for all Brighton pubs. If we can achieve that with just two Brighton pubs striking imagine what we can do when we continue to build and show our strength. This win is just the beginning, join us in the movement.”

Wetherspoons workers across the UK are being encouraged to get in touch with the campaign. They can contact the Wetherspoons strikers by emailing spoonstrike@gmail.com.

The campaign will continue to fight for a living wage of at least £10 an hour, including equal wages for all ages, security of hours and for union recognition.

Notes to editors:

For further information or to organise interviews with Wetherspoons workers please contact Owen Espley – Mobile: +44 (0)7861 362 797  / oespley[@]waronwant.org