The launch of the toolkit for Achieving Equal Pay in the Workplace

Our friends at the Equality Trust have launched a new practical guide which supports union reps to campaign for equal pay in their workplaces. 

  • The toolkit is designed to help workers identify if there is a problem with equal pay in a workplace and supports their examination of existing policies and practices that might have an impact on equal pay.
  • It encourages workers to negotiate with their employer around specific workplace practices and make adjustments to existing policies (pay, recruitment, family leave, flexible working etc.) as well as explaining why it is important to carry out ‘horizontal’ pay audits and how to undertake one.
  • It  also offers a starting point for trade union activists to start conversations with members about pay inequality in the workplace and to build a campaign and negotiate improvements.

The toolkit has been developed by a number of trade unions including the BFAWU and academics with support from HR specialists and lawyers

The toolkit can be accessed here:

 Achieving Equal Pay in your Workplace toolkit | The Equality Trust

For anyone who was unable to attend the launch event or those who would like to re-watch the webinar, a recording of the launch can be viewed here