The Weather’s Great, But Don’t Put Yourselves At Risk!

Whilst it’s fantastic to have some sustained nice weather in the UK for a change, we need to consider those who work across the food sector and the implications relating to the work they do, which will no doubt include a significant amount of discomfort and risk.

Bakeries, kitchens and other food manufacturing areas can become almost unbearable during the summer and employers should ensure that their workers are protected, even if it means implementing some special measures during this period of extremely hot weather. The following should be able to assist our Safety Representatives in the workplace.

These other links (including our ‘Cool It’ survey) are also useful:

The BFAWU has always argued that Representatives and companies should work together in their Safety Committees and plan well in advance how they are going to deal with the hot weather when it arrives. That way, businesses can continue to function properly and workers won’t have to be put at risk.

Please stay safe.