TUC Black Workers Conference

The BFAWU was able to take an active role in the recent TUC Black Workers Conference by sending delegates George Atwall (Regional Officer for Region 3), Adrianna Kara and Mohinda Badhen. All of our delegates were proud to take part in the conference and to show how the Bakers union has fought against racism and discrimination.

At the conference there were workshops including one on how to better organise BAME workers. This included discussing how we as a movement can advance an anti-racist political education and empower BAME workers within unions. Another workshop was about negotiating and collective bargaining. This was about how unions can with deal racial discrimination in the workplace, and what campaigns we should take up. Also, how we can give shop stewards the adequate tools in which to combat racism and push an anti-racist agenda in negotiations with employers.

Another of the workshops was centred around public policy. This looked at how we can push the government into firstly looking at their failings during the pandemic regarding BAME workers. Also, it was discussed how we can bring about appropriate legislation to tackle employment inequalities that BAME workers face.

There were several motions that dwelt with the cost of living crisis and how this has disproportionately affected BAME workers. This of course plays into the work that the Bakers Union has carried out in its food survey of its members and how this has affected the ability of many to feed themselves and their families. In fighting against poverty the union has launched its ‘Right to Food’ Campaign.

Another topic discussed was the way that government has brought forward legislation to impact people fleeing war and persecution. This is all part of the conservative government’s plans to demonise asylum seekers, refugees, and migrants for decisions it has made with over 13 years of austerity that has impacted upon the working class. It is something that the trade union movement will fight.

Being the country’s oldest union, it has been a proud thing that the BFAWU takes parts in these conferences. The active role that the BFAWU plays at the TUC speaks to the unions tradition in speaking up for all communities.

George Atwall

Regional Officer

Region 3