Wetherpoons workers have rent to pay and food to buy

Reacting to the news that 40,000 Wetherspoons workers, including BFAWU Members, were notified yesterday that their weekly pay will cease immediately and only resume when Wetherspoons is reimbursed by the government, Ian Hodson president of the BFAWU said:

“Tim Martin’s actions are shocking. He is ignoring the advice of the government to stand by your workers and instead abandoning them in their time of need. They need to pay rent and buy food, and because of the low wages he’s always paid them, they will not have savings to depend upon. His selfish approach says unless the Government puts money into his bank account today, he’ll let the workers who have made him rich suffer. It is completely unacceptable.”

“This country will not forget the way in which employers have treated their staff during this crisis. Now is the time for all workers to come together and oppose greedy inaction by millionaire bosses.” 

Tim Martin sent a video message  to all staff announcing the news in which he suggested staff look for work in supermarkets. BFAWU members reacted on-line releasing their own statement.

A worker, who wished to remain anonymous, said: 

“To be told the company won’t pay you until the government grant is enacted at the end of April is hard enough. I’ll be homeless in 2 weeks with no income. Getting told it by Tim Martin, drink in one hand, ending with a half-hearted and sadistic “Good luck!” Is another thing all together. I feel so let down and so, so scared.”