Where’s The Fire Engine, Daddy?

The UK is sleepwalking into a dystopian era; a country where unless you have the right insurance you will get no help or assistance from the state.

The government’s seemingly endless austerity agenda has been underpinned by the virtually unchallenged Tory political ideology that public sector is bad, and private sector is king. The truth of course is that for the most part, anyone using services from outsourced or privatised providers be it transport or energy, will have little option but to cut their own budgets in order to be able to pay for them.

We hear and read stories on an almost daily basis about the elderly and those on low incomes having to decide whether to heat their homes or eat during the winter, along with stories about the rising costs of rail fares. Make no mistake, the government have similar plans for the NHS. The Conservatives never wanted a National Health Service and since 2010, they have embarked on a mission to starve it of funds, whilst selling off sections of it and offering multi-million pound contracts to the likes of Richard Branson and his Virgin empire. Unless we start to wake up and act, access to any form of medical care or assistance will depend on how much you can afford to pay by way of insurance. The government aren’t prepared to stop there either. Emergency services, such as the police and fire services have also been stripped to the bone, as part of the government’s agenda of small state and large scale private enterprise.

A short film has been made to provide a clear warning of what our future will look like if we don’t stand up for our fantastic and dedicated public sector. We must stop the Tories selling off our services to their friends and cronies. Please watch and share. 

The film can be viewed here