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Watch our brand new recruitment video where members and reps talk about why they joined our union family..

Executive Council Elections are in process - Use your vote!!

BFAWU members on our before the 28th February 2023 - look out for your voting packs arriving in the next few days

BFAWU prepares for annual conference 2023

Preparations are underway for Conference 2023, look out for updates as we get closer to June!

Foodworkers on the breadline

Our report on the cost of living impact on BFAWU members

Welcome to BFAWU. Supporting workers for over 150 years.

We welcome you to the BFAWU website.

Our Union is the only independent Trade Union operating within the food industry and we’ve been representing working people since 1847. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved over the years and we continue to lead the way in terms of fighting for a better deal for our members.

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Our New BFAWU Recruitment Film

As well as being represented in your workplace by trained representatives, there are a number of other benefits from being a member of the BFAWU; from legal services, learning opportunities, financial advice, credit union, discounts on purchases and short stays, there really is something for everyone.

Education & Training

The BFAWU has a long tradition of training its representatives and promoting education generally throughout the industries which it is involved with.

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Financial Services

The BFAWU recognises the importance of personal finances in every aspect of life, whether saving for the future, planning for the worst, or simply surviving day to day.

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In the workplace, joining the union is recommended, working to support each other and be actively involved helps change happen; together is strength.


I wanted to have a voice, I am the daughter and sister of miners and I knew what being in the union meant to them.



TUC Black Workers Conference

The BFAWU was able to take an active role in the recent TUC Black Workers Conference by sending delegates George Atwall (Regional Officer for Region 3), Adrianna Kara and...

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Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health Awareness week is acknowledged in May and this year it focused on anxiety.  Everyone can experience anxiety at some point in their life. Whether it’s a student...

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Foodworkers on the Breadline

Our latest report on the impact the cost of living is having on BFAWU members is out. The short report is broken down into 2 main sections: The first...

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The BFAWU has a long and proud history of standing up for workers within the food industry. Our campaigns have covered issues ranging from the health and safety of workers, to pay and conditions, and even on the quality of food.

Check out our latest campaigns here.

Health, Safety and Environment

Health & Safety

If you have concerns over health & safety issues, you will find all the  information you need here to raise the issue with your employer.

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Climate change is a trade union issue because workplaces burn energy, consume resources and generate waste and travel.

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Mental Health

Find out about the significant difference unions can make to mental health in the workplace.

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Read our resources on Covid-19 in the workplace, including our Covid-19 exposure questionnaire and statement.

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All organisations and communities, including trade unions, need to continue to tackle racism and promote race equality.

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As a trade union we make every effort to ensure the workplace is a safe and welcoming place for all members.

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Younger members

Younger workers are less likely to know their rights or raise issues at work if there is one.

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Some of our biggest advances to workers’ rights have been led by strong women trade unionists.

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