Progress report on Annual Conference Motions


Rule Book

All Rule book changes have been implemented and the latest copy of the rule book can be found here

Union Policies

That this Conference agrees that we as a union will not tolerate racist comments made verbally or by the means of social media.  As a Union we need to set an example and embrace our diversity.

We are currently working on anti-far right and anti – racism training, the TUCs anti racism taskforce is pulling together a report and resources which we will also utilise.

This conference agrees that all agendas produced by this union shall include environment on the same line as Health and Safety and shall read as “Safety, Health and Environment.

We have added Environment to all Health and Safety documents and continue to encourage members and reps to raise best practice and concerns on environmental issues and initiatives.

That this conference agrees to recycle the lanyards used at conference to reduce costs to our union

We will implement a recycling system this year at conference

That this conference agrees to reduce the use of single use plastic at conference

We will implement a recycling system this year at conference

That this conference agrees to look at a more up to date method to get members to vote in ballots

We are bound by legislation in certain ballots, but will look to other methods as we did at the 2021 conference for those that aren’t

This conference agrees that the choice of hotel accommodation at Southport, The Prince of Wales Britannia Group, is not to be used. The hotel is not only a health hazard, the conditions are appalling, the rooms are not clean and it is a disgrace that we are expected to permit our members to stay in these conditions for the duration of conference. Furthermore, the Britannia Group should not be used in any capacity whatsoever by our union in the future, due to their treatment of workers in the early stages of the covid-19 pandemic were, widely reported in the media, one of their hotels, The Aviemore Coylumbridge, on 19th March 2020 terminated employment of staff with immediate effect and many of the employees who lived on the hotel premises discovered they were homeless as well as unemployed. As a union we cannot put money into the pockets as such companies that treat their staff an in barbaric manner.Conference we urge you to support

We have moved conference for 2022 to the Yarnfield Conference Centre and will look to hold future conferences at Redhills and elsewhere.

Conference can see that over the last 10 years automation has become more prevalent in our industry. This in turn reduces the number of jobs needed within it. Whilst we understand the need for automation we need to ensure that our members aren’t left behind.

Conference therefore agrees the executive should look into the impacts of automation and the likelihood of the process speeding up on the back of the pandemic and put together a strategy to support branches going forwards who will need to deal with the changes automation brings.

We have included the impact of automation in our right to food work, it is on the agenda to put a specific strategy together for branches

All Safety, Health and Environment motions have been added to the national committee’s agenda and updates will be circulated separately.

All Political motions have been passed on to our Parliamentary group and colleagues at Unity consulting and Solidarity Consulting so they can raise issues on our behalf