Bakers Union to Launch Election Manifesto

The Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) launched their Bakers Dozen manifesto that they and their members want to see introduced by the next UK Government.

Aimed especially at the Labour Party, the Bakers Dozen report and manifesto lays out 13 policy demands that would transform the lives of their members and working class people across the country.

Based on union policy and a survey of their members the Bakers Dozen Manifesto sets out a visionary range of policies including full employment rights from day one, a £15 an hour living wage, the creation of a national care service, renationalisation of utilities and the abolition of university tuition fees.

The survey also demonstrated that support amongst BFAWU members has fallen and that Labour in Government must deliver for working class people and not take their support for granted. 

Sarah Woolley General Secretary of the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU) said:

The results show how politically engaged our members are. The Issues impacting BFAWU members reflect the concerns of the wider population. The cost of living crisis that is affecting people’s ability to pay for basic needs such as food, energy and housing is the single biggest concern facing members. Access to NHS services, the lack of affordable housing and low pay are also big issues.

Critically, our members have set out  what they believe is necessary to help address the issues that are confronting them in their communities and workplaces.

We have offered in our Bakers Dozen Manifesto, good, common sense, fair and constructive hopeful suggestions, which if implemented would benefit our members and every other worker across the UK. We urge the Labour Party in particular to pay attention and take on board our manifesto”.

Ian Hodson President of the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union said:

“Our Bakers Dozen manifesto represents a set of policies that our members are demanding and need in order to help them live and work with dignity and in a way that provides them with the means to lead a good and fulfilling life.

Working class people need policies that will ensure they are paid well, treated fairly in the workplace and are given the public services that they need and deserve.

After years of decline they are a million miles from having these. If an incoming Labour Government does not address that decline then the disappointment people feel toward them will lead to bitter disappointment and fuel the seeds of their future decline. They should and they better pay attention to these demands and the needs of working class people.”