Channel 4 News Exposes ‘Living Wage’ Con!

The BFAWU has laid bare the inadequacies of the ‘living wage’ ever since George Osborne announced that his government were going to introduce it.

During the lead up to it’s introduction on April 1st 2016, companies within the UK food industry have moved heaven and earth to try and find creative ways of dodging their moral responsibilities with regard to pay. Many have moved to introduce consolidated rates of pay, while others are attempting to slash shift premium, unsociable hours and overtime pay rates/benefits. In other words, workers are being expected to fund the living wage themselves, whilst the pay and benefits of CEOs remain untouched.

On April 13th 2016, Channel 4 News exposed the reality of Osborne’s ‘living wage’ and even went as far as to call out Samworth Bothers, an umbrella company who own the likes of Soreen among a number of other companies and who allegedly donated over £500,000 to the Conservative Party. Channel 4 News’ revealing feature also exposed the hypocrisy of Tesco.

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