Film company looking for your stories of hardship

Award winning production company, Keo Films are making a documentary series for BBC 2 looking at the realities of life for many of Britain’s working population. These are unique and some would say, challenging times. Five years of ‘austerity’ have impacted on most of us, but has not yet beaten the British determination to keep going. For many of us the safety net of savings, jobs for life and financial stability is long gone and when the car breaks down, or our relationship falters or our health takes a turn for the worse, staying on top can become threatened in ways we never imagined would happen to us.

The company have asked that people contact them with their stories, stating:

We’d like to talk to as wide a range of people as possible who are experiencing these types of challenges; families trying to keep up with rising house prices; single parents adjusting to becoming the main breadwinner after a relationship split; workers on zero hours contracts – often working two or three jobs to keep the family together, those managing debt, alongside those working for our public and voluntary services – anyone who wants a voice and would like to talk to us.  We are keen to shine a spotlight on a diverse range of professions from around the country, to highlight that living and working in the UK can be challenging for anyone, regardless of what job you do or what part of the country you live in. We want to capture the essence of the great British spirit. 

We’d love to hear your story”

Please email them at:

or call 07465 728 720