General Secretary Statement to BFAWU Members at Greggs

A Message For Our Greggs Members From The General Secretary, Sarah Woolley

The news yesterday from Greggs is not where any of us wanted to be, or indeed expected would come, with such a strong start to the year. As an ex-Greggs employee, my heart goes out to each and every member that’s impacted by the announcement and I want to reassure you that the BFAWU will do everything we can for you over the coming weeks, and when we come out of the other side of the process.

We know there are going to be lots of questions (some we wont be able to answer straight away), but we want you to ask them anyway – there is no such thing as a stupid question; if you’re thinking it, someone else will be too. We are here to make sure your voices are heard and your questions are answered.

It is important that you know who your reps are through this process. If you are at work, there is a list of Reps on the ‘back office’ under the ‘people’ section in the Unions area. In the bakeries, there should be a list on the notice boards.

If you’re not at work, please contact your local Full-Time Official. If you haven’t got a number for your Rep, they will point you in the right direction. Their numbers can be found on our on our website under contacts

As Roger said in his message yesterday, Greggs is a strong company and we have always worked well together; the business and Trade Unions across the board especially in difficult times. This will be no different.

We will get through this and come out of the other side together; stronger and ready to move forward.



For the YouTube version of this statement, please click here