English Learning Project

The team from left to right Julie, Karen, John, Lisa, Carol, Kamran, Ben

The BFAWU Love Learning team worked across England supporting learning from Entry Level 1 to Level 2 with a whole host of courses available to suit almost every interest and skills need. They promoted lifelong learning and used several approaches to engage people, for example; open days; newsletters; and promoting past successes with case studies.

They enabled workers to access education, training and skills by working with businesses on all levels. It may be Human Resources and upper management who look at timings and release but, it is the ULRs and branch officials who are at the forefront of promoting and delivering learning opportunities to their branches by working with them, raising awareness of the value of learning and the opportunities it can bring to the business and the learners. 

Though the English project team may no longer be with us it is important that ULRs continue with the excellent work they do enabling members to access education:

The Union Learning Representative role has been incorporated into the rule book under:

Rule 14 – Branch Management:

Rule 14.3 Each Branch may elect Union Learner Representatives. These Learner Representatives must complete a Union Training course In Learner Representative skills within 6 months of election.

ULRs are recognised as union representatives and have the same statutory rights as other union reps. They are allowed reasonable time off to train and perform their duties, and have protection against unfair dismissal on the grounds of their ULR work.

TUC Education’s eLearning modules are great resources to help reps keep up to date on key workplace issues. Here you will find short bite-sized modules (eNotes) and longer eLearning courses. Each eNote is a self-contained module that are made up of a mixture of text, video and quizzes; they last between 20 and 45 minutes and can be returned to as many times as you like. To access these courses please register on https://www.tuceducation.org.uk/index.php