Young Food Workers’ Blogs

This week (commencing 13/11/17), the BFAWU are publishing a series of blogs and quotes from young workers in relation to being a BFAWU member and what modern day Trade Unionism means to them.

Today we have Claire Galloway, a food worker in Scotland and BFAWU member who says:

“I joined a Trade Union after being treated badly in a workplace. I wanted to learn more about workers rights. I believe knowledge is key and its through education we can empower people to stand up against discrimination and fight for better working conditions. Community work is an important part of Trade Unionism as its a chance to work with the most isolated, most vulnerable and stand together against the oppressors. This is why I continue to be involved and part of a trade union.” 

Young workers in the UK have become disenfranchised over the years, which has led to them slowly becoming active, both politically and in the workplace.

The BFAWU welcomes this and believes that the energy and drive of young people will fuel the Trade Union Movement of tomorrow.