Young Workers’ Blogs Part 2

Continuing with our series of blogs and statements from young BFAWU members in the food industry in relation to Trade Unionism, we have Shannon Kerrigan, another young food worker from Scotland. This is what she has to say:

“Joining a Trade Union opens many doors, including training opportunities and the chance to see life from the perspective of others around you. Being a Trade Unionist is being someone who believes in fairness and equality, a better world and a happier working life for everyone. I’ve always had these values, but felt one person could not make a difference. Becoming a member of a Union simply gave me the tools to do something on both an individual and a collective level, which is where you really see results. It gave me the power to stand up for what I believe in and the confidence to go out into the community and try to help and learn from other people I never would have met otherwise. Since becoming a member, I have attended marches, demonstrations and Conferences. The words of the people who arrange and debate at these events has really stuck with me and has altered how I go about my daily life for the better.”

Shannon is another example of how young workers in the food industry are starting to engage socially and politically, both inside and outside of the workplace, in order to make the case for a fairer, more equal society and how we can use our collective strength to achieve a positive change.