ULR Network

After an online conference held at the beginning of 2021, we haven’t really developed this network further.

In 2022 we want to support our Union Learning Reps across the different projects and England grow into their roles and know where to find support and resources.

The network along with the national committee can work on updating the ULR handbook, share resources, develop our own and support each other in the role, which can be tough at times.

Details of all future meetings will be placed here as will action points from the meetings!

The meetings will be held in January, April, July and October

The next meeting will be 25th April 2024 at 6.00pm and you can get the link by emailing BFAWULS@bfawu.org or via the all member going out in December and the beginning of January.

For more information please contact BFAWULS@BFAWU.org

January 2024 meeting notes:

October 2023 meeting notes